snapchat anyone?

Friday Favorites: #44

Hey guys!

Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans? Or is it just Netflix and chill? By the way, I just learned what that actually means! Those naughty youngsters…

I’m super stoked because Barre instructor training is this weekend! I get to spend all day Saturday learning about how to be a kick a$$ Barre instructor, because we all know that I’m already a kick a$$ BODYPUMP instructor… 

In addition to this fabulousness, I also have to learn the new choreography for BODYPUMP 97 that we’re launching next week. My brain is going to be very full over the next few days.

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with Angela, Heather, and Katie to share some of my favorite moments, links, things of the week. Thanks ladies!

Friday Favorites


So, I finally took the plunge and joined Snapchat. I was resistant for so long, but my mother-in-law is actually the one who finally convinced me. She joined as a way to see pictures and videos of her grandkids without it taking up a bunch of storage. Well, I’ve been playing around with it and it is so fun!! If you have it, add me!!

snapchat anyone?

Morning snuggles

Matilda hasn’t been feeling too well lately due to a Springtime cold coupled with terrible allergies, so she’s been extra snuggly lately, especially in the mornings. Even though I hate that she’s been feeling bad, I love the extra snuggles!

Morning snuggles


I know this seems like a weird one, but here me out. I’ve struggled with sleeping soundly through the night for years. I’ve heard so many people rave about melatonin (<—–affiliate link!!)  and I finally bit the bullet and bought some a few weeks ago. WOW guys! Why didn’t I try this sooner?!?! Seriously, I can’t remember that I was able to not only sleep soundly, but also sleep all the way though the night. Game changer.


NOW Foods Melatonin 5mg Vcaps, 180 Capsules

Cadbury Creme Eggs

These have always been my favorite Easter candy!! I have to exercise serious restraint to NOT buy a hundred this time of year. Rest assured that every last bite of this one was savored!

cadbury egg



Interesting Reads

Should you sleep low to boost performance?  John sent me this article and it is fascinating! I would love to see more studies like these!

If You Eat Any Fruits Or Vegetables At All, You’re Doing Better Than Half Of America This makes me so, so sad.

6 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Buy Once And Regrow Forever Very cool! It reminds of the pineapple that Kate and Terry are growing!

How to raise an excellent toddler Warning: this does have some strong language, but it’s hilarious!

New ways to plan your vacation while on the go This seems like a really cool concept!

Recipes to try

Buffalo Chicken and Broccoli Bowls 

Stir Fry Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles!)

Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein

Fantastic, Skinny Blackened Tilapia

Zucchini Chocolate Brownies

That’s all I have for today! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

What about you?

Do you have any plans this weekend?

Have you read anything good lately?

Any recipes you’ve been wanting to try?


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  1. Melatonin is the bomb! I’m glad you started using it to help.
    As for candy, I had a midnight Milky Way this week and it was my favorite candy as a teen. I hadn’t had one in years and while it was SUPER sweet, it was really good.
    The sleep-low study is really fascinating. In sport nutrition, we learned that trained athletes learn to burn fat rather than carbs because their “intensity” of certain exercises change the more they do them. There is a limit to how much they can use the fat though, but that fact may not hurt this study because they still eat plenty of carbs. Nutrient timing is such an interesting topic, I’d love to see more as well. If I run across any, I will share with you!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thankfully I do not have trouble sleeping but I have heard wonderful things about melatonin – SO happy to hear you’ve found something to give you an easier time!!
    No plans for me this weekend. Maybe my boredom will get the best of me and I’ll also hop on the snap chat train…. would be a danger to my already procrastinating self. But ah well! Have a lovely weekend Heather.
    Cora recently posted…Breathe and Chakra Release Part 4: The Solar PlexusMy Profile

  3. That buffalo chicken broccoli bowl looks really good. I’d like to try that! I hope Matilda is starting to feel better soon. Allergy season just popped up here too. :/

    I’ve been an insomniac for my whole life. I’ve tried melatonin too and it works pretty well! But I eventually needed prescription meds.

    Happy Friday!!!!!!
    Suzy recently posted…Would You Rather…My Profile

  4. I brought my lunch for the FIRST time today. Because I was finally able to go to the grocery store last night. So I think my big plans this weekend are to actually set up my life. I do have something else up my sleeve this weekend, but I am keeping it under wraps (and if you were wondering, it doesn’t have to do with fertility. I wouldn’t tease that, especially not to you).
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…No Fools Here! The Best Fitness and Running Posts of MarchMy Profile

  5. It is really sad about Americans not eating fruit and veg 🙁 I hope with the new president we see some overhaul in the USDA and FDA (MAJOR OVERHAUL!) I don’t see why we subsidize meat and dairy and not fruit and vegetable farmers. It’s so silly. I hate money and all the politics that goes into it.
    This weekend I will be praying for no snow ahahha Other than that I will be seeing my racing team and my sister at a half marathon on Sunday. I am really looking forward to it!
    Ellie recently posted…Fast Friday #11 [Cold hands and race prep]My Profile

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