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Hi, I’m Heather- a thirty-three year old, aspiring writer, blogger, fitness-loving, BODYPUMP instructing,  wanna-be yogi, mama who craves balance in an otherwise hectic life.  I am passionate about fueling my family on a whole-food diet (on a budget!) and I loving finding creative ways to make that happen. This blog is my way of sharing my tips, tricks, and recipes. But it can also be a place of frustrations, fears, anger, and general ramblings on life. This blog is about my life, both the good and the bad.  I have struggled with both infertility and disordered eating and often share bits and pieces of my experiences with both.  I am not yet recovered, but I am recovering. 

image Mommy and Matilda week(s) in review

BODYPUMP week(s) in review




Mommy, Daddy, and Matilda

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