Friday Favorites #45

Hey guys,  It’s Friday! We made it though another week! How’s your day so far? Anything fun on the horizon for the weekend? We’re celebrating my mom’s birthday (belatedly) on Saturday with Mexican food and cake AKA the best birthday […]

a mom’s guide to potty training

Potty training. Fun topic right? Just kidding. It’s not fun for anyone involved, parents OR kids. I feel fairly confident in saying that we’ve successfully potty trained Matilda. So, in an effort to save someone else a headache or just […]

WIAW snapchat

WIAW: There’s no hunger like the BODYPUMP hunger

Hey guys! How’s your Wednesday so far? Or better yet, how’s your week so far since we’re already mid-way through it! This week is shaping up to be another busy one. The past 2 weeks have been launch weeks for […]

Favorite cousin Jordan

Our impromptu weekend guests!

Our weekend was a little more fun than usual with some impromptu guests!

The Blogging Advise that made me almost quit blogging

Sounds pretty melodramatic, right? Well, while I might have a slight penchant for melodrama, Let me start this off by saying that I 100% believe this advise was given as a way to encourage better content, which I think we all […]

snapchat anyone?

Friday Favorites: #44

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans? Or is it just Netflix and chill? By the way, I just learned what that actually means! Those naughty youngsters… I’m super stoked because Barre instructor training is this weekend! I […]

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