Nowhere to go but up

Thank you guys so much for your kind words about yesterday’s post. You know, for someone claiming to be so shy, I sure do like to overshare. The irony is not lost on me. After a few days of taking it […]

Anxiety: Why am I faking it?

I hope you had a good weekend. Me? Not so much. Before I get into the why’s, I just want to let you know that things are going to get very real here today. If you’re not into reading that, hopefully […]


Friday Favorites: Fall Things!

It’s Friday! Let’s all muster up some excitement for the days ahead!  I really do look forward to the weekends even though I’m a stay at home mom, mainly for the extra hands to help with ‘Matilda duty.’ I kid. […]


This or That?

Hey guys, It’s Thursday (thirsty Thursday as we always used to say 😉 ), which means today we are #thinkingoutloud. Since I’m lame and couldn’t come up with anything interesting to think out loud about, so, how about a survey […]


WIAW: Happy Fall y’all!

Hey guys, How is your Wednesday treating you?  Since I live in the South (East Tennessee to be exact), it is necessary for me to use the word y’all at least once or twice a month.  For yesterday, but it […]


Tried it Tuesday and The Fit Dish: Bullet-Proof Coffee

It’s Tuesday! Not really the most exciting day of the week, but there are a few benefits to Tuesdays (in my mind, at least…) 1.) It’s not Monday 2.) Tuesdays mean Yoga and a run (for me. What’s on your […]


Mic Fail, maybe a 5K, and a unicorn

Hey all, How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. The truth is, I really go back and forth about wanting to share my weekly workouts here on the blog. […]


Friday Favorites

Hey guys, How are you on this lovely Friday? I am super stoked because I am teaching a BODYPUMP class this morning. It’s a 6 AM class (Lord help me!!), but I am excited nonetheless! Let’s get right down to […]


The Yow not Ow

  Happy almost Friday! Thank you all for your kind words after my sleep-deprived-mommy-rant yesterday. We’ve all had some good sleep (knocks on wood) and that makes everything better. Since it’s Thursday, and it’s a good day to tell you about something I […]

mellowcreme pumpkins

WIAW: Sleep deprivation, coffee, and sugar

Happy Wednesday! How’s your day so far? Any exciting mid-week plans? My mid-week plans include catching up on sleep. Maybe. Hopefully. Disclaimer I am about to have a bit of a mommy rant. Please know that I love my daughter with all […]

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