Dolphin Pose

Birthday Weekend Fun

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do any fun workouts? Eat any good food? Hang out with any great people? We did all of that and more! It was such a fun birthday weekend spent with some of […]


Weekly Workouts and Meal Plan

Hey guys, How is your Sunday so far? I am just popping in quickly (it is my birthday after all) to share my weekly workouts and meal plan. I know that I skipped out on it last week. As I […]


Friday Favorites: It’s almost my birthday!

Hey guys, Happy Friday! How’s it going this morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you are reading this? I am super excited because not only is it the weekend, but it’s my BIRTHDAY weekend. I will be 33 on Sunday! Okay, so maybe I am not so […]

save money

5 money saving tips for living on one income

Hey guys, Happy almost Friday!  I hope your day is going well so far. We are headed to the gym this morning per usual. Well, actually, I am headed to the gym, Matilda is headed to see Bapa (John’s dad) […]

Shakeo smoothie

WIAW: If it ain’t broke…

Hey guys, It’s Wednesday! We are halfway through the week! Lots of exclamation points!!! Okay, but seriously, how’s it going today? I am pretty stoked because I am headed to the gym in a bit to fill out the paperwork […]

Healthy pantry staples to have on hand

Hey guys, How is your Tuesday so far? We have gym plans followed by some shopping. Exciting times, right? I know that I usually share a recipe with you on Tuesdays, but honestly I have been feeling a little uninspired […]

date night

That rug really tied the room together

Hey guys, Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ours was a nice mix of fun, productivity, and relaxation. It was just what I needed! A weekend that included flowers, The French Market, and a surprise date night with […]

Mommy and Matilda

Friday Favorites: Love All The Things!

Hey guys, Happy Friday! Whoot Whoot! I’m looking forward to a fairly low key weekend after our whirlwind of fun last weekend. I am thinking there is some Netflix, Frozen Yogurt, and just general laziness in our future. You know, as […]

Mommy needs a drink


Hey guys, Happy Thursday! We have almost made it to the weekend! I am excited about this weekend because it means that I get to teach another solo BODYPUMP class! Huzzah! Seriously guys it is so fun and I LOVE […]

Workout Selfie

WIAW: Taste the Rainbow

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday! How is your day going? I am a little bummed out because tonight is John’s first night of teaching night school, so tonight, it’s just Matilda and I. Even though we are grateful for all that […]

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