Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

Hi guys, Sorry for the very infrequent posting- this week has been crazy busy. Between the funeral, family time, traveling, and controlling a toddler,I am exhausted! And while it is always nice to visit with family, some circumstances are better […]

Busy Busy Weekend Snapshots

Hi guys, Happy Tuesday! Long time, no blog, huh? I hope you had a happy Memorial Day and celebrated the holiday remembering those who serve our country. Maybe with lots of food and family time 😉 Sorry for the much, […]

Friday Favorites 5/22

Hi guys! Happy, happy Friday! Yay for the end of another workweek! I hope you have some fun plans for this evening and this holiday weekend. Maybe some barbecuing and family time? Since it’s Friday, I am linking up with […]

Thursday Thoughts 5/21

Hi guys, Happy Friday-eve, right? I wish I had some interesting things to talk about, but I suck. So… Today, I am going to do what I do best: Ramble on about myself. And probably Matilda. Get ready for #thinkingoutloud […]

WIAW: The Babysitting Edition

Hi Guys, How is your Wednesday thus far? Good? Bad? Meh? Yeah, me, too. Well let’s cure those Wednesday blues, shall we, with a little WIAW fun! Linking up with Arman and Jenn to join the party. The day started out […]

Tuesday Things and Spinach Salmon Burgers

Hi Friends, How is your Tuesday going so far? Any fun workouts today? I did an abbreviated home workout during nap time. Things are a little hectic over here. I am watching my friend’s 6 month old son (in addition […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hi Friends, Happy Monday! It is (sorta) the last week of school for John before summer vacation! I say sorta because he is teaching summer school this year (boo!), but he will be home everyday by 1:00, so I guess […]

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cups

Hey friends, I have been teasing you with talk of these coconut oil chocolate cups for a while.  I’m sorry. So, so sorry. Because these are so good that they were worth the wait.     Now, go make these […]

It’s Friday Night, and the Mood is Right…

Hi Friends, Please tell me you get the reference to the most awesome Friday Night line-up circa 1992 on ABC!?! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I have 90’s nostalgia on the brain ever since reading Heather’s posts this last week. […]

Thursday Rambles and Why I’m Always Late

Hi Friends! How is your Thursday? It’s almost Friday! #happydance Today I am linking up with Amanda for #thinkingoutloud Thursday. I love these link up parties- I find so many new blogs to read. Thanks for hosting the link up, […]

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